While You Were Watching Your DVR Fill Up With Unwatched “Prisoner” Episodes

Levi Johnston Playgirl

  • Levi Johnston did not go full frontal in his Playgirl shoot, as was previously speculated. If you want to see what his thing looks like, you’re just gonna have to say “hi” to him at a bar.
  • The German man who was trying to blackmail Cindy Crawford for $100,000 has turned himself in to police after realizing that he probably should have tried this about fifteen years ago. His next target: David Faustino.
  • Anna Faris and Ryan Reynolds will star in a romantic comedy called “TMI”. I’m setting the Vegas over/under on “number of negative movie reviews using an abbreviation pun” at 50,000. (Example: “TMI lacks LOLs,” or “TMI, the FBI is a Federal Bureau,” and so on).
  • Brad and Angelina (Angebradla) are releasing their own line of high-end jewelry. Either this is somehow raising money for charity, or what the hell is going on?
  • And finally, Adriana Lima gave birth to a baby girl, who’s probably pretty hot.

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