Vanilla Ice Ice Baby! DIY Baby!


Vanilla Ice is getting his own DIY show for the DIY Network…um, of course he is! Because now that his rap career, and the Surreal Life are over, what else would he be doing? None other than nailing crown molding on the walls, and installing ceiling fans! I guess throw something on the wall, and see what sticks, right?

This genre of has-been stars doing reality is such a joke to me now–it was fun at first, but now I’m over it. It’s so VH1 2003! Anyway, if you’re so inclined, you can check him out starting October 14th on the DIY Network.

Yo’ Vanilla, kick it one time, boyyyeeeeeeeeeee!

Here he riding his old wave, and singing Ice Ice Ice Baby on George Lopez:

I guess here’s to your next venture…Ikea, here we come!
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