Review: Saturday Night Live – Sigourney Weaver/The Ting Tings

sigourney weaver and the ting tings
First of all, Sigourney Weaver looks incredible. Believe it or not, she turns 61 this year, so that’s something to think about as we slowly weep into our young but round, Cheetos-stained fingers. Secondly, Weaver managed to play a variety of characters that explored a wide range of wackiness, all without humiliating herself (it was a dangerous moment during that “Fifty and Freaky” sketch but we all knew Weaver’s still a classy lady).

The writing was pretty consistent and suited Weaver well, and it was fun to see her do so many goofy things. It’s not often Saturday Night Live brings in someone that of her status. Let’s be honest here.

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