Monday Leftovers


- So we told you on Friday about Lilo’s bad choices and it looks like they may land her back in jail. TMZ is reporting that a bench warrant has been issued, her probation has been revoked and the judge could get up to 30 days per failed test. That is what happens when you continue to act like the rules do not apply to you.

- We live in a world where dreams come true. has confirmed that Community will be doing a christmas episode that is COMPLETELY in stop motion as a salute to cult classic Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. Ever since Community Dan Harmon decided to propel the story forward using iconic pop culture tv/film moments the show has hit a whole new high. For those who don’t believe me check out the Scarface Chicken Fingers episode. (via

- Daddy knows best except when he is being arrested for possible domestic abuse. Raising Sextuplets’s Dad had a phenomenal Sept.11th weekend that included screaming profanity in front of his kids, threatening his father-in-law, almost being tasered and going to jail. Sounds like a good ol’ family BBQ. (via EOnline)

- Cross Tim Burton with Frankenstein with a dog and throw in some stop animation (which seems to be a theme today) and you get pure movie magic. FRANKENWEENIE!!! (via Deadline)

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