Fan Art Shows ‘Arrested Development’-'Star Wars’ Mash-Up

'Arrested Development' meets 'Star Wars'James Hibberd is fond of posting fan art mash-ups on his “Live Feed” blog over at The Hollywood Reporter. In the past, he has posted the ‘Mythbusters’ crew with a James Bond theme, ‘Futurama’ in the world of ‘The Fifth Element,’ and Conan O’Brien as “Coco the Barbarian” and in a stylish ‘Mad Men’ parody.

Hibberd’s latest art posting is an ‘Arrested Development’/'Star Wars’ mash-up, in the style of the old ‘Star Wars’ movie posters. The poster features the Bluth clan, including Michael (Jason Bateman), Lindsay (Portia de Rossi), George (Will Arnett), and Lucille (Jessica Walter), as well as the banana stand and Tobias bare-chested in his cutoff shorts. You even get Buster (Tony Hale) in silhouette, holding his hook hand to the sky, a Bluth Industries truck, and a speeding, driverless Segue.

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